Familia - Single Origin Colombia


Familia - Single Origin Colombia

Whole Bean / Ground
  • It is located in Santa Barbara a municipality located in the southwest region of Antioquia in Colombia. Sebastian Ramirez’ great grandfather established their estate here more than 60 years ago with the vision of helping establish stability in this relatively new market in Colombia.

    The family farm is now ran by Jorge Ramirez, in conjunction with Sebastian with quality as its main goal and focus. They incentives their workers who pick and process their coffee in order to ensure quality is always at the forefront. The best part of owning a farm is the quality control, freedom to experiment and feedback we are able to give to the head of development there. Jorge along with his team are able to experiment with all the processing parameters which then allows us to get the ideal cup we are looking for.

    Coffee is more than a job for us. Its tradition, it’s a way of life, it’s what sustains us and gives us the opportunity to innovate in our industry.

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