Family Tradition

Cafetal Coffee’s roots go several generations deep, hearkening back to a mountain in Santa Barbara, Colombia. More than 60 years ago, co-founder Sebastian Ramirez’s great-grandfather aspired to improve the coffee industry, which was a relatively new market in Colombia at that time. His farm inspired a dedicated family of coffee lovers who continue to source their coffee from that same mountain. Now, Sebastian and his wife Nikki continue the family’s legacy with their fair-trade coffee shop in Tempe, Arizona.

Cafetal Coffee is devoted to serving the community amazing coffee that’s grown, handpicked, and roasted with passion. As a small business with strong ties to the Ramirez family’s well-established coffee plantation, Cafetal Coffee forges a lasting connection among farmers, baristas, and customers — bringing the rich traditions of the cafetal to Tempe.

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2000 lb of coffee picked in a single day at our farm, Finca la Piedad

Our Believes

We believe that coffee is more than a job. It’s tradition. It’s a way of life. And it’s our way to connect with our community. That’s why, when we decided to set up shop in Tempe, we knew we had to reach across the continents and source our coffee responsibly. The Ramirez family has been growing and picking coffee for generations. By tapping into the incredible wealth of knowledge, as well as the devoted people who work on the plantation, we can better control our coffee’s quality and ensure that everyone is fairly supported. At Cafetal Coffee, we cherish hard work and we lead with passion.

Farm to cup

We’re committed to great coffee, sourced from a thriving blend of tradition and modern techniques. Every year, we travel to Colombia during the harvest season to improve farm processes and handpick the best coffee for our store. The rest of the year, we manage our coffee shop with sustainable, fair practices, and we enjoy amazing conversations with our broad variety of customers, from local workers and students to tourists and foreigners. We’ve seen firsthand how coffee unites people, and we’re honored to be able to support our community and local economy with the best-quality coffee.

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